Why I'm trying to make a run at the Senior PGA Tour

Bob Krause
Bob Krause

This is a story about second chances – a golfer's chance to do what he's always wanted to do, and what he was meant to do before life got in the way.

This time around, he's a little older, wiser and a bit less flexible -- this is his chance to make a run at the Senior PGA Tour (The Champions Tour).

This is my story. My name is Bob Krause and here is my back story:

It's summer 2001. I thought I was at the precipice of launching a true golf career. I had just spent the previous eight years grinding it out on various mini-tours, living out of my car and living on an actual "shoe string budget." I had product sponsors from head to toe and from bag to clubs, but I was missing the biggest, most important piece: I needed to secure a sponsor that would pay for all of my PGA event entrance fees and touring expenses.

This corporate sponsorship is the key to playing golf at the highest level. It means consistent week after week golf, which is critical in the process of being mentally strong. I needed this as I was about to attend (and win) Q-school. 

Fast forward a few months later: I am on my honeymoon (2001) and Sept. 11 happened. The world changed. The economy started to change. My corporate sponsor had to lay off a third of their workforce which meant they could no longer sponsor a professional golfer. Plug pulled.

I spent the next 18 years figuring out what was next. I ultimately became the "go-to" golf instructor in Metro Detroit, but I still had dreams of playing golf professionally. In fact, it was always in the back of my mind.  My good friend, Mickey Redmond, NHL Hall of Famer knew of my dream and challenged/encouraged me to chase it. Mickey committed to helping me achieve my goal. In fact, he enlisted a Detroit Red Wings trainer and nutrition expert with the goal of getting me into playing shape before i turn 50 (that's in August 2020). 50 is the Champions Tour minimum age.  

I'm lucky. My friends at Local 4 WDIV are documenting the process. You can check out Steve Garagiola's first piece right here

Also, I will be posting articles once a week about my progress and also shooting videos so you can all watch my progress and keep me honest :).

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