Spotlight: Clintondale High’s Key Club wins 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award

Voted 4Frenzy’s ‘Favorite Club’


Clintondale High School’s Key Club has shown it’s dedication, winning Favorite Club in the 4Frenzy Fall Fan Choice Awards. Wanting to hear a bit about how this club is so successful, we popped in for an interview to hear it straight from the students putting their hard work and passion into this club.

We asked the students to tell us a bit about the Key Club, and Nura Jones told us, “In Key Club, we have fundraisers and help the community. So far, we have gone to Capuchin Soup Kitchen and have also done a food drive.”

Sariah Burnett added, “We went to Glen Peters twice, which is for disabled people. We went one time during Thanksgiving and we served food. Another time we went for a Spring Fling Dance. We danced with them and made sure that they were happy and having a fun time.”

Sariah, Nura, and Lindsay Collins all agreed that going to Glen Peters was their favorite experience from being in the club. Glen H. Peters is one of two programs in the Macomb Intermediate School District providing for students who have moderate cognitive impairments, severe cognitive impairments, and severe multiple impairments from age three through twenty-six.

“When we went for the Spring Fling, we made sure to include everyone," Key Club adviser, Carol Hyso commented on their time at Glen Peters. "If they were in a wheelchair, then we would dance with their chair, walk them around, and spin them as well. Its such a heart warming feeling to see the Key Club kids interacting and putting a smile on another person’s face. We all have such a great time when we are there.”

Sariah, Lindsay, and Nura all have been in key club for two years now. Before Carol Hyso took the role of club adviser, they didn’t have one.

“I consider myself a very closed off person, so especially Glen Peters taught me to open up more and allow myself to be more comfortable around other people,” says Sariah. “I learned to not be so guarded and to be warmer to those who don’t know you, so they don’t get the wrong impression of you.”

“Key Club has really helped me to see things in a different perspective,” adds Lindsay.

Sarah speaks proudly of the club, saying, “Being a part of Key Club really allows you to embrace yourself. You have to be open to telling your story to other members. This is an experience like no other and allows you to find yourself.”

Congratulations to the compassionate students of Clintondale H.S. Key Club on the 4Frenzy award!

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