Spotlight: Riley Hollis from Mercy wins ‘Favorite Freshman’ in Field Hockey

With a ‘flick’ of the wrist, Riley takes home a 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award!

Riley Hollis
Riley Hollis

Riley Hollis

Favorite School Subject: Math and Speech

Favorite Place: Long’s Farm in Commerce Twp.

Favorite School Lunch: Noodle Bar

Favorite Artist: Youtuber David Dobrik

Role Model: Her Parents

Riley is more of a winter sports person, but come autumn, she leaves the ice and takes to the field. This season, Riley brings the heat and wins a 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award! This Mercy High School student won Favorite Freshman in the Field Hockey category.

Ice and Green Queen

Riley is fairly new to field hockey, with this being her first year playing. She learned a lot despite only playing for a few months, and her advice to others is to try your best and not to quit when things start to get tough. It must be pretty tough learning a new sport, right? Well, Riley says that she had an idea of the rules before joining the team because she also plays ice hockey. If that wasn’t cool enough, she also snowboards.

Mercy High School Field Hockey Team
Mercy High School Field Hockey Team (2019)

Raising the Ball and Raising Her Team

“We’re all really supportive, we try to help each other and pump each other up,” Riley says about her teammates. She adds that she tries to be nice to everyone, too. However, Riley admits that she also has a competitive side. Riley tells us about the junior varsity tournament when her team made it to the championship game; “There were only two minutes left and we were kind of cornered. I ended up scoring the winning goal!”

With that kind of winning attitude, it was no wonder she was nominated in our 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards! Congrats to Riley!

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