Ann Arbor amps up clean up efforts after snowstorms

Broken tree branch. (Pixabay)

ANN ARBOR – Efforts to pick up tree branches after recent snow storms are being boosted by Davey Tree Expert Company.

The City of Ann Arbor has contracted with the company to amp up efforts collecting and chipping branches that fell after intense storms in late February and early March.

Public works crews started clearing debris--on top of clearing snow and ice from roads--on Monday, March 6, but as of Friday, March 10, less than five percent of solid waste routes were clear, officials said.

Residents are asked to organize fallen branches on their property to further assist with clean-up efforts.

Here is some guidance from the city:

  • Do not put branches in the street or in bike lanes.
  • Put large branches (at least three inches in diameter and four feet long on extensions facing one direction. Remove any kind of metal, nails or spikes.
  • Bundle together smaller twigs or branches (smaller than 3 inches in diameter and 4 feet long) and put them on the curb.
  • Breakdown large bundles of branches so they are easier and safer to handle.

Rootballs, stumps, tree trunks or logs are not being collected during branch pick-up.

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