Staff find 19 birds, cat abandoned outside Ann Arbor’s Humane Society of Huron Valley

Parakeets surrendered to a Detroit rescue.

ANN ARBOR – Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) workers found 19 birds and one cat dumped outside of the Cherry Hill Road shelter early Friday morning.

The birds, 17 parakeets and two cockatiels, were all together in one metal cage. The cat was left in a small cage with a note.

“We want to remind folks that we understand hard times, and we are here if you need help,” said HSHV CEO Tanya Hilgendorf in a release. 

“But leaving animals in a cage or crate outside all night is neither safe nor humane. Companion parrots do not tolerate cold weather well. It was just luck that our hardworking facilities person came to work in the wee hours and noticed the birds while doing other work. The poor frightened and shivering kitty had a note, but it didn’t contain useful information.”

Officials discovered the birds and cat were left by two different people after reviewing video footage. The shelter’s Animal Cruelty Investigators have opened a case.

“When folks abandon animals on our property, it leaves us and the animals at a disadvantage. It’s always best when the owner gives us the animal’s history since the animal can’t tell us themselves,” said Hilgendorf. “Our medical, behavioral, and adoption placement teams use background information to help ensure we give the animals what they need to thrive. Even if you’re bringing us a lost animal, we need to know where the animal was found so that we can try to get them back home.”

Anyone with information about these animals, or who want to report suspected animal cruelty in Washtenaw County, should call HSHV’s Emergency Rescue line at 734-661-3512.

The humane society offers several low-cost or free community resources including veterinary care, emergency rescue services, dog training, pet food pantry, or temporary emergency housing for companion animals. Community members who need to surrender an animal should call the HSHV Intake Department at 734-661-3528.

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