Money Monday: Cyber security emails

DETROIT – Did you know internet scams are called social engineering?

It's a modern name for con artists impersonating another person to manipulate an unsuspecting target and steal Identities or money.

Here are some facts about internet scams:

  • About 90 percent of cyber threats are launched by email.
  • Spoofing: Email Attack where email appears to be from a friend… IT’S NOT!
  • Often comes from free email software

TIP: Hold your cursor over suspicious links to make sure they match the address in the email. An email can contain a Trojan horse and deliver a virus or allow remote access to your computer

Phishing is the same concept with similar problems

Ways to identify phishing:

  • Look for misspelled words or poor grammar in emails.
  • Do not respond to scare tactics.
  • Be wary of emails that say, "Information about your order or bank account” or ask to update passwords or account information.

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