Friday Finds: New music to check out – Feb. 14, 2020


DETROIT – Here’s some new music to get your weekend started.

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Revenge -- Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas dropped a song from his upcoming album, “ADHD,” as well as a music video.

In true Joyner Lucas style, the video is more like a movie, going beyond the song to tell a story. It shows a crime spree, the violence contrasting with Lucas’ calm demeanor that he maintains throughout a good chunk of “Revenge.”

His voice speeds up as he sings over a piano before the track gets heavier as he seeks revenge.

It’s an eerie stream-of-conscious song with dark undertones that are amplified with the piano.

“I don’t wanna chill, I don’t wanna get no flicks / Don’t wanna rekindle s*** / It’s N-O-T, don’t you flex on me / I do not get no sleep / I’m barely up, hope you ante up / Word to M.O.P., you don’t know me / I need my revenge, it ain’t no more peace”

If you like "Revenge," here are some other songs by Joyner Lucas worth checking out:

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Go There -- Kyd the Band

Kyd the Band (Devin Guisande) released a new single, and in line with his other work it is a beautiful and emotionally-driven song.

“Would you go there? / To the darkest parts where the water’s deep / Where you risk it all and might get blood on your sleeve? / All those places where it’s not always beautiful / I wanna go with you, so would you go there with me?”

Guisande’s lyrics are something he hopes fans can learn from and relate to. He left his hometown in California when he was 19 to chase his dreams of being a recording artist. Since then he’s successfully produced music and had a support slot on tour with NF.

“Second verse, I’ll jump first / What’s the worst that could happen? / It might hurt (It might hurt) / But it might work (But it might work) / Let’s fall into the madness / I’ve been wondering if you’ve been wondering / If we’re letting go / Tell me something, tell me something / I just wanna know”

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Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton -- The Used

The Used announced their new album by dropping “Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton.”

“Paradise lost in your eyes / I know you better than anyone / Blessed with this curse my whole life / Won’t let me shake”

The song pulls its name from John Milton’s 1667 poem, which is about a failed revolution against the Church of England, something lead singer Bert McCracken called exciting.

“A lot of people thought he (Milton) was the devil back then. He had a huge problem with the show of opulence from the Church. He thought it was disgusting. His poem is about the failed revolution against the Church of England, which is Satan’s failed revolution on earth,” McCracken said. “And what’s more incredible or exciting than a failed revolution?”

A trippy music video accompanies the song.

“Heartwork” is expected April 24.

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Sad Happy -- Circa Waves

Circa Waves released the first half of their new studio album “Sad Happy.”

The Happy portion of the album was released on Jan. 10 and is available on streaming platforms. “Sad Happy” is a song on the Sad portion of the album, which will be released at a later date.

The song has a tune that could easily fit into a happier number. There’s some lyrical dissonance in this one though, which makes it clear why it’s on the Sad part of the album.

“No you can’t see / My hearts made out of concrete / You know me / I’m sad happy / You know me / I’m sad happy”

There will be 14 tracks on the album when it’s completely released. Circa Waves currently does not have any tour dates scheduled in America.

“I was dancing with my eyes wide shut / Trying not to think too much / Too high to fall down / So wait for me sad happy / I know this feels like a dream / But the good times will come round"

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Learn to Love the Lie -- Four Year Strong

After finally returning with new music last month, Four Year Strong dropped another single and video.

“Learn to Love the Lie” describes staying in a bad relationship, knowing it is bad and still refusing to leave. Ouch.

“It’s about being stuck in a mutually miserable relationship, but you’re both too much of a coward to leave,” Dan O’Connor said.

“If you don’t want to say goodbye / Then I guess you’ll have to learn to love the lie / You and me, we’re really nothing but enemies / Pretending that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be”

The band’s new album, “Brain Pain,” is expected Feb. 28.

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Other songs to check out:

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