Ascension Michigan Heart Report: Dr. Crawford

Statistics Show that Women’s Heart Disease is Common

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Question: How prevalent is heart disease in women?

Dr. Crawford: It’s actually very prevalent. It is the number one killer of women today. one in three women will die of heart disease. 44 million women in the U.S. alone are effected by stroke or heart attack every year.

Question: What can women do today to improve their heart health?

Dr. Crawford: They really need to start practicing prevention. Heart disease is totally preventable. So, I wish women would get on a scale, know what they weigh, try to be their normal body weight, I wish we’d move more, get a little more exercise, get a step tracker if you need to and finally check your blood pressure because that’s often a silent disease and people don’t know they have it; and you can buy a cuff, have it at home and go to your doctor if you have a problem.

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