Could the record-breaking COVID-19 numbers lead to a second shutdown for Michigan?

3,338 new cases: Michigan sets new daily coronavirus record

Michigan could face another shutdown as COVID-19 cases surge across the state, Attorney General Dana Nessel said Oct. 24.

"I think that there are circumstances under which the governor could make the case that there is a new emergency because of an increased spike, " Nessel said.

Michigan’s Health Department reported Saturday the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan is now 158,026, including more than 7,000 deaths.

Saturday’s update alone included 3,338 new cases and 35 additional deaths.

Nessel called Saturday’s numbers alarming and said she’s afraid things may get worse because the governor’s powers are limited.

“But what concerns me is what I hear over and over and over from the Republicans that are in power at our State Legislature is that they don’t believe in shutting things down,” Nessel said. “They are big proponents of keeping everything open, and there’s no reason to shut anything down.”

Local 4′s Dr. Frank McGeorge addressed another shutdown.

“What we need to do is look at the numbers and figure out where they are recurring in the state, if there’s a reason specifically, that they could be occurring?" McGeorge asked. “Sometimes the numbers are the result of a correctional facility or a significant number of nursing facilities have become infected. We need to figure out what the more likely source is. If the source of larger numbers can be nailed down, then action can be taken against those specific sectors.”

Nessel said working together is vital. “I think it’s so important that our government work together to do everything they can to keep people safe,” she said.

McGeorge said it’s vital to pinpoint where and what is causing the spread.

“If this large number represents widespread community transmission, that is a very serious problem,” he said. “We will need to begin to curtail our activity to get but we’re going to look at exactly why that number has increased.”

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