Try this Tequila Lime Marinade recipe on your steak

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Chef Michael Ollier showed us how to make a Tequila Lime Marinade flank steak. He starts with lime juice and adds garlic, olive oil, and tequila. Next, he put the meat in a plastic bag and added the marinade on top. After he says it best to let it sit in the fridge for 4 to 6 hours.

The chef explained that a rub is used to impart the flavor, but the marinade will help with flavor and make the meat softer. He also said seasoning before adds flavor but he usually just adds a little salt on the meal after its done cooking.

Chef Ollier only cooks with Certified Angus Beef Brand because of the marbling. Marbling is where you find all of the flavor for your meat and Certified Angus Beef Brand has just the right amount of marbling for a juicy steak.

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Watch the video to see how to make a tasty marinade for your flank steak.

Here’s the recipe!

Flank Steak with a Tequila Lime Marinade.

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