These ‘America’s Got Talent’ contestants are gearing up for their final performances

Tonight’s live finale will decide the winner of the million dollar prize

Three of the finalists from this season of America’s Got Talent took time today to talk with host Tati Amare before their performances tonight. They’ve all made it through round after round of eliminations to make it to tonight’s show.

Singer Archie Williams said that no matter what happens tonight, he already feels like a winner. Prior to the show, Williams had spent more than 35 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he says that he just wants to help those in similar situations.

Kenadi Dodds first impressed the judges by singing them her original country song “One-Way Ticket to Tennessee”. She said that being herself and working hard will help get her through the finale.

Alan Silva is a aerial acrobat who performs dangerous high-flying acts. He said that while his exciting performance would fit in well in Vegas, he believes he’s on an equal playing field with the rest of the competition.

To hear the whole interview, check out the video above. The season finale will also air live tonight at 8pm on Local 4.