Program helps young students travel the world

Students can also learn trade skills

Young women and men are getting a helping hand with building their future thanks to the programs of Atlantic Impact.

Atlantic Impact has a variety of programs that are designed to help youth develop their education and career, and also travel.

Anise Hayes is the co-founder and executive director of Atlantic Impact and says they’ve taken students to Barbados for the past few years. “Students love going to the beach for the first time and being in the ocean water for the first time,” Hayes said. “We do a lot of college access and a lot of opportunities to meet with professors and things, but being on a beach and just sitting in the sunlight and being around nature is just amazing.”

Participating in Atlantic Impact programs can also help students get inspired to do more. “When the door is open students just kind of want to take the opportunity to go through it and just have more experiences,” said Hayed. “We find that students say ‘I want to travel more, I want to do more trainings... so we try to provide that for our students.”

Students can became a part of Atlantic Impact’s programs by visiting their website. Watch the video above to hear more from Hayes.

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