This sweet spot makes cannoli, cupcakes and more

Meet the family behind the business and see what’s on their menu

A family in Metro Detroit is sharing the sweet flavors of their Italian roots through their bakery called Tony Cannoli Sweets & Eats.

Have you ever tried a cannoli? It’s an Italian pastry with a creamy filling, and true to its name, it’s also a staple at Tony Cannoli. Owner-operator Tony Cangialosi explained that people often miss filling the middle of the tube-shaped cannoli, so he fills it from one side and makes sure you can see the filling come out the other side. Tony Cannoli offers a Sicilian cannoli that features ricotta cream filling with shredded almonds at each end and an Italian cream cannoli that has chocolate chips at each end.

Tony Cannoli also offers other sweet treats like cakes, cupcakes, eclairs, gluten-free cookies, and lobster tails, which are flaky pastries made with filo dough, and filled with either cannoli cream or Bavarian cream.

Tony Cannoli Sweets & Eats has two locations. One bakery is located at 16125 West Road in Woodhaven and the other is inside Trentwood Farms located at 11055 Allen Road in Southgate. Watch the video above to see some of their treats.

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