Artist turns wood into custom creations

Woodwork ranges from coasters to guitar shaped tables

Art comes in all forms, and a local artist is handcrafting her creations with wood.

Jenny Lamm is the woman behind On The Lamm Designs, which features a variety of products made from wood. She has made everything from desks to tables and nightstands, along with charcuterie boards, coasters and even guitar-shaped tables. Lamm said she mills the wood herself, and that her work is basically from “tree to table”.

While appearing on “Live In The D,” Lamm offered some advice for taking care of wooden food boards. You should wash them with light soap and water and let them dry overnight, she said. Another tip she shared is to never put your food boards in the dishwasher and not to soak them. If droplets of water are no longer beading off the board and are instead penetrating into the wood, Lamm explained that means it’s time to season the board. She said to buff the board with board butter and then let it sit overnight. Whatever hasn’t been absorbed by the wood will need to be wiped off with a lint-free cloth.

On The Lamm Designs can be found at the Rustbelt Market in Ferndale. Watch the video above to see some of Lamm’s woodwork.

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