Does your pet need a ride? This may help

Pet Taxi Plus services Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb county

When you need to get somewhere and don’t have access to a car, you call an Uber or Lyft, but what do you do when your pet needs to get somewhere?

Well, did you know you could call Pet Taxi Plus? It’s exactly as it sounds, a taxi for your pet. It was created in 2005 by pet lover, Angelina Manly. She was off of work for a broken leg and had some friends and their dogs over when she first came up with the idea.

“You know what that could work, " said Manly.

So, she outfitted a van to make it pet-friendly, per the USDA standards. There are two carrier cases in the trunk portion of the van with a diver in between. The divider can be removed for larger pets. She also has ramps to help up animals with mobility issues, and a stretcher in cases of emergency. Though she does do ambulatory-type services, she still adheres to the regular rules of the road.

While she mainly chauffers dogs and cats, she says she is willing to do any type of pet, as long as it is secure.

For customers like Patricia Alford-Lewis and her dog Cali, the service is a lifesaver.

“The vet suggested it because I couldn’t drive. (They) gave me the number and I contacted Angie,” said Alford-Lewis.

In fact, most of Angie’s trips are to the vet, and her customers can ride with her. This puts both the customers and their furry friends at ease.

Round trips start at $60 and go up for mileage and wait time (yes, she will wait for you while you go into the vet).

With all this thought and care, Pet Taxi plus offers so much more than just a ride.

“It’s like an outing. We talk, we laugh, they love the animals. It’s just relaxing, " says Alford- Lewis.

For more information, watch the video above or visit Pet Taxi Plus’ website.

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