2 Michigan men share 70 years of golf and friendship

Skip Siegel, Fred Garon met in 1944

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Skip Siegel, 83, and Fred Garon, 84, have taken a lot of steps together in life, many of them have been on the greens of a golf course.

"We started playing for nickels and dimes when we were 13," Garon said.

Now, 70 years later, the two are still playing for pocket change.

As they played a round at the Farmington Hills Golf Club on Wednesday, the two joked about whether their friendship had ever been in the way of winning.

"We are all competitive. We want to win," Garon said.

But Siegel was quick to pout out Garon was the most competitive.


They met in intermediate school in 1944, and have been teeing up together ever since.

"I happened to sit next to him, and that was the start of the friendship," Garon said.


Both admit their skills aren't up to par anymore.

"Can't hit the ball as far," Siegel said.

But they're both just thankful to be healthy enough to play.

"We are very lucky. Fred has had exceptionally good health. I had bypass surgery back in '84," Siegel said.

The golfing buddies say it's hard to imagine the day when they won't be able to swing with each other.

"I have never gone out alone to play golf alone, and I don't like playing with strangers. So, I would give up golf," Garon said.