Child dies at babysitter’s house in Roseville morning after unreported crash

3 children were in the car at the time of the crash

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – A child died at a babysitter’s house after a car crash that went unreported.

The child’s mother learned from police that her son had died. Jeremiah Redmond was two and a half years old when he died at his babysitter’s home in Roseville.

He was found unresponsive, hours after a car crash in Warren. Police said the babysitter did not report the car crash to authorities.

Jeremiah’s parents are heartbroken and in crisis.

Their 7-year-old, Jayla, suffered cuts on her face and bruises. Her little brother, Josiah, is now without his twin.

The children were dropped off at the 33-year-old babysitter’s home on Saturday. The next morning mother Jessica Johnson got a call from the babysitter’s phone, it was the police letting her know that her son had died.

“She didn’t even call me. I talked to her briefly, she said, ‘I tried to do CPR,‘” Johnson said.

Police said the babysitter had the kids in her car without car seats, Jayla wasn’t buckled in, and she was driving in Warren when she struck a tree with her vehicle.

Police said instead of calling 911, the babysitter called a tow truck. The car and the children went back to the babysitter’s house. Jayla was given a bag of frozen french fries to put on her injured face and the twins were put to bed.

Jeremiah was found unresponsive in the morning. The babysitter has not yet been charged.

The babysitter’s driving record has year after year of suspensions, accidents, speeding and no insurance. She has previously been accused of drinking driving, using drugs and driving without care.

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