Detroit community steps up to help man laid off from 4 jobs amid coronavirus outbreak

DETROIT – It was a real struggle for Daris Bass when Local 4 spoke to him about the hardships of paying rent on the first in the midst of this pandemic.

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The good news is that a few good Samaritans were watching and were generous enough to come to his rescue.

“I got like four different jobs and all of them are off. But I talked to my complex today, asked them about rent and they was like, yeah of course it’s still due,” said Bass when he was originally interviewed on April 1.

Just days ago, Bass was having a hard time making ends meet and paying rent on time.

“The complex didn’t change their position on things,” Bass said.

But after his story aired on Local 4, things started to change for the better.

“After the story ran, I started to get a lot of Cash Apps from different people. Not just one. It was a lot of different people sending us cash apps me and my wife,” Bass said.

So much to the point where the Bass family was able to pay rent for April. However, the blessings don’t stop there. There’s a chance that Bass could be back working sooner than later.

“I also got inboxed on Facebook with like four different job applications. So hopefully I’ll be able to get a job even in this pandemic,” Bass said.

He has as message for everyone who reached out to help him a step up.

“Thank you. I appreciate you and I hope that God blesses you double because you were looking out for me in a time where everybody needs help,” Bass said.

Bass also wanted Local 4 to add that he’s begging people to take this virus more seriously.