Videos show drivers doing donuts, people gathering despite COVID-19 stay-at-home order

DETROIT – The images of cars doing donuts in traffic has become quite to routine sight in Detroit -- but it’s especially unsettling in wake of a global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I don’t think squealing the tires on your car is worth bringing COVID-19 into your household or possibly causing death or illness to those that you love,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw.

Shaw says it’s inevitable things like this are going to happen.

“It was illegal before the pandemic. It’s gonna be illegal afterwards,” said Shaw.

Aside from the street drifters, it seems people in general just aren’t taking the advice that doctors say will slow down coronavirus.

You can see from video shot downtown, children still playing on playground equipment. Even scarier video shows teens walking the steel post holding an exit sign hanging feet from I-96.

“I don’t think they really realize that one fall of that exit sign, and normally you’re killed from that impact, and then second again is we rely on parents to keep kids at home -- especially right now during those stay-at-home orders,” said Shaw.

Shaw said ultimately the parents need to be held responsible for where their children are and people in general just need to remain indoors.

“It is their responsibility to make sure that their kids are at home during this stay-at-home order, so we would hope that they would continue to keep their kids at home unless absolutely necessary,” said Shaw.

The same goes for everyone.

“Keep those cars at home, and keep yourself at home, and we’ll get through this together,” said Shaw.