Chip it!


Hi guys! Welcome back.

Last time I gave you some drills to work on putting. So, today, I am focusing on chipping.

Chip shots can make or break your spirits while out on the golf course.  A great one makes you feel like an advanced golfer and a poor one can lead to a quick downward spiral. 

Here are a few drills to help with better chip shots:

First, practice chipping into a bucket. 

Start with the bucket laying on its side on a green; your hope is to chip the ball and for it to roll in or bump the edge of the bucket.

Once you've mastered this drill, stand the bucket up and chip up and into it.

This drill will help develop the finesse that is important to chipping.You want the ball to land in the bucket (chances are that it will bounce back out).

You can even reduce the size of the bucket/basket as you progress to make your target smaller.   

Second, line up about 10 to 20 balls around the green and chip them one after the next quickly toward your target. Chipping them quickly will bring out a natural swing and rhythm. 

Lastly, have a contest with your golf buddies.

The guy (or girl) to hit the target most wins a prize (or small wager).

The target can be the flag or anything else the group agrees on.  Everyone loves a contest and it will help develop the competitive edge that golf tournaments require. 

Remember to practice your short game as much as your drive… all the hard work will pay off!

Till next time, Danny Divot