Better snacking while golfing


Hi guys, welcome back! 

I was golfing this past weekend and got to thinking… I think that some people honestly enjoy the huge golf course hotdog at the turn as much as they do the game itself!

Did you know that the average hotdog has between 180 and 250 calories (not including the bun) and pack an average of 15 grams of fat? Let's face it, the majority of people who play golf ride a cart instead of walking the course. Then, we tend to load up on highly artificial foods such as hotdogs, soda and chips.

Golf is supposed to be about enjoying nature and challenging ourselves, so why do we fill our bodies with junk that will make us feel lousy and zap our energy?

So, next time you head out to golf; why not bring some healthier options?

Here are some suggestions that will leave you satisfied:

·   Coconut water is a great all natural drink that has electrolytes and lots of nutrition.  You can find coconut water in almost any supermarket these days.  It does have calories so drink one and move on to water. Think of it as natures own Gatorade.

·   Fruit is another great option.  It refreshes and has fiber which keeps you fuller, longer.  Apples and bananas travel well and frozen red grapes are just fun to eat. 

·   Trailmix – there are so many great varieties of trailmix (you can even make your own blend at home).

·   Meat sticks – beef jerky and turkey sticks are a good source of protein that don't pack on the calories. 

·   Nuts – nuts are a great source of healthy fat! Just don't overdo it as nuts can quickly add too much fat to your day.  Experts say that a palm full of nuts is the right serving. 

·   Protein bars – these used to taste pretty bad but nowadays, you can find so many delicious options.

·   Snack packs of fruits and veggies – have you seen the individual servings of fruits and veggies in the supermarket?  These are portioned correctly and very refreshing.  I've seen carrots with a bit of ranch dressing or humus, apples slices with caramel dip – there are all sorts of options – check your grocers produce section. 

·   Pack a PB & J on wheat bread or even a sandwich with lean turkey or ham.

Well, there you have it!

Happy snacking!

If you have any other great ideas, feel free to make a comment!

Till next time!

Danny Divot