Little things, important consequences


Every little thought and action you make on the golf course has the potential to affect your mindset and physical being.

Some of the most important actions you can take are very simple yet effective.


Breathing promotes calmness. Counting your breath in cycles of three (after each exhale, count 1…2…3, then start over), or saying something in your head on each inhale and exhale (for example, say, "Be," on each inhale and, "Confident," on each exhale) is a great way to calm your mind and body.

Focused self-talk.

A disciplined mind is a clear mind. Force yourself to say certain things to yourself to make you feel calm, relaxed, excited, confident, patient, or whatever state you desire. A great way to do this is to read a quote off a small notecard or yardage book.

Here is one of my favorites for feeling confident and influential.

"I know I love the idea of a back nine of a major on a Sunday…..I'm a great believer in making it your own responsibility…..It's all about that in a major.  It's to get to the back nine in the last round and have the responsibility that it's on your head whether you win or you don't win. Some days it won't go for you, and you have to be prepared to handle that. But you got to be also prepared to take those shots on and take that responsibility and the consequences that go with it….You're not going to win any other way." - Padraig Harrington after winning the 2008 PGA Championship at Oakland Hills.


Your emotions often match your posture. Give yourself the biggest advantage possible by holding your body confidently. Stand tall with chin up, chest out, and shoulders back. Walk confidently with purpose.  Holding your posture these ways will promote confident feelings.

Disciplined yet simple breathing, self-talk, and posture can have important consequences for playing calmly and confidently.

To play your best, take advantages of simple yet effective techniques such as these.

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