Basics of imagery in golf


Imagery, sometimes called visualization, is the act of forming images in the mind's eye.

It can be an extremely important mental skill for improving golf skill and scores.

Typically, imagery involve sights and sounds, but other senses can be important to imagery too.

To make an image vivid, golfers often add touch (such as the feeling of a club in one's hands), kinesthetic awareness (the sensation of muscles and body parts moving), and emotion (the feelings we get when playing, especially feelings associated with playing well), but even taste and smell can be important to creating a vivid image.

Images can be created from a golfer's own perspective (internal) or as if the golfer were watching an image on a computer screen (external).

Although the research is not conclusive on which perspective is better for skill development, Champion Mindset Group often encourages golfers to start with an internal perspective and only switch if the internal image is not controllable.

A great way to start using imagery is to simply replay images of good shots in your mind. After a good shot, allow yourself to feel good about it and replay it in your mind a few times.

Try to pair the image with a good feeling and store it in your memory. Replay your good images as often as you like after a round.

When faced with any golf shot, bring up a memory of a past success in similar situation. It will help you feel great emotionally and tension free, a must for a good golf swing.