Athletes need to advertise to themselves


Why do successful companies like Nike, Gatorade and Coca Cola advertise? They spend millions of dollars advertising -- because it works.

We are aware of and know about their products because they make thousands of brand impressions on our minds. As athletes we need to advertise to ourselves. We need to bombard our minds with our goals, positive self talk, positive self image statements and inspirational messages as much as possible.

I (Dr. Jason Novetsky) recently finished reading the book Seeds of Success by John Brubaker, and among many of the elegant approaches to mental growth for athletes, coaches and business professionals, I found this powerful yet simple strategy to the old adage of "putting your goals on your mirror" for making sure we stay mindful of them.

Coach Brubaker calls it "Advertising To Yourself."

He offers that we must think like a successful business and impress our goals etc. on our minds just companies like Gatorade do so well. For example, when we finish a workout and need to hydrate we do not think about grabbing a Sam's Club electrolyte drink. No, we immediately think of buying a Gatorade. We do this because of the brand impressions they have made on our minds. The point is we need to do the same with our goals, positive self talk and image statements because "what you see and think about, you bring about."

So, once your determine your goals, positive self talk and inspirational messages you want to live by; write them down on several things such as a card you keep in your car, wallet, purse, and on your mirror or nightstand and appropriate places on your athletic equipment (inside bill of cap). This is a great strategy to impress on your mind what you want to be focused on to become a #Beastmind Athlete.


Jason Novetsky, Ph.D.

Sport Psychology Consultant

Champion Mindset Group



@jsnovetskyphd (Twitter)