Get your body ready for golf season


DETROIT – Golf season is here. Finally, it's really here!

But is your body?

Swinging a golf club can be an aggressive exercise with multiple repetitions, especially when some of us tend to "overswing."

Doing repetitive actions over and over puts us at risks for potential injuries.

The cure (yep, you guessed it!) is to start conditioning your body.  

Keeping your body strong and flexible will not only reduce this risk, but it will help you to enjoy the game with greater longevity.

During the next month we will provide top notch information and exercises to get your body healthier, stronger, and more conditioned. 

Active leg raise

Depending on your fitness level perform 3-15 repetitions and 1-2 sets.

This is an excellent exercise to start with and its part of our Feel Good Exercises which are designed to help you gain strength, flexibility, and balance. 



Meet the fitness professional

Chris Schild is a successful fitness professional and cofounder of Body Within, INC., a top fitness company that specializes in working with busy, overweight, and overwhelmed people in the privacy of their home, office, or at the Body Within Fit Club.

Currently, he runs a team of top fitness professionals specializing in developing and implementing health and fitness plans that last a lifetime. Today, you will find Chris working with all types of populations with a specific focus on golfers.

"I enjoy the game myself and love using the fitness skills I have learned and developed over the years to help golfers of all ages improve their Strength, Flexibility, and Balance," Schild says.