Golf Slot Machine: Changing golf one swing at a time


There is a secret weapon in the game of golf, and it's called the Golf Slot Machine.

The Golf Slot Machine is a swing training aid that is credited with helping golfers gain 20 to 30 yards more distance with their clubs.  Just ask any competitive golfer how much that helps their score and confidence and they'll tell you it's remarkable. 

Another fact is that our own golf expert, Bob Krause, invented the Golf Slot Machine.

I asked Bob what inspired him and he said, "As a golf instructor, it is hard to verbally communicate to students how to get in ‘the slot' however, it is a very important position for golf.  When used correctly, the Golf Slot Machine puts the person in the slot so they can feel the correct body position. When a golfer is in the slot, they have a more efficient golf swing with less effort and they gain more power and distance naturally." 

The product has been endorsed by local favorites Mickey Redmond and Lloyd Carr and nationally by career caddy Carl Jackson. 

The Golf Slot Machine is a lightweight yet durable device that stores easily in a golf bag and is ideal for practice at a driving range.

It is also a training aid that many golf instructors are using with their students to help them become better golfers. Krause laughs when he says, "I tried it on one of my students who took it home and worked with it for a week.  He came back after playing his best round ever and he is now one of the investors in our company."

BK Golf, LLC is responsible for sales and marketing the Golf Slot Machine and it was important to them that the product is made in Michigan.  "Our state has gone through rough patch economically speaking; from design to manufacturing, our goal was to keep the work in Michigan." Krause says. 

The Golf Slot Machine retails for $69.95.

"It's a heck of a lot cheaper than a new driver with better results," Krause says.  

For more information, videos and testimonials go to www.golfslotmachine.com

You can also find product information, client success stories and golf tips on the Bob Krause Golf on Facebook.