The Benefits of Indoor Golf Instruction


In recent years, the option of indoor golf lessons has emerged as an appealing alternative to traditional, seasonal outdoor driving range instruction. Compared to outdoor instruction, indoor lessons are a distinctly different learning experience, which offers advantages to golfers of all levels. Indoor golf instruction provides privacy and discretion in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. Adverse weather conditions present no interruption to a regular lesson regimen. Golfers who play and compete at the highest levels recommend maintaining a consistent, year-round practice/training schedule to avoid slumps and muscle memory loss.

The greatest advantage to indoor golf instruction is sophisticated ball flight data and video swing analysis software. The visual image of the ball on the screen is virtually no different from how ball flight looks outside. However, the technology provides precise feedback to the teaching professional who interprets the data and conveys the information back to the student in order to address their swing issues and how best to fix them.

The indoor learning experience in a private setting provides an atmosphere that encourages one-on-one communication and mutual exchange between student and instructor. Privacy is important to golfers of all levels for numerous reasons. Most important, it removes the intimidation factor and anxiety associated with learning something new and performing in the presence of others.

Indoor instruction also encourages students to focus on the dynamics of the golf swing rather than the outcome. While taking a lesson, it is more important to concentrate on the process and not the immediate results. In an outdoor setting students often becomes focused on what the ball is doing; doubt can enter their mind and compromise their commitment to the process. Any proficient teacher or player will tell you, "make a fundamentally good swing and the ball will take care of itself."

Tom Pomante PGA Instructor

Tom Pomante is an instructor with Bob Krause Golf located at 4-Seasons Golf. 4-Seasons Golf is a year-round training center located in Birmingham, MI. Our accomplished instructional staff has a combined 50+ years of experience teaching the golf swing. We possess the knowledge and the wisdom to evaluate, identify and correct fundamental flaws or swing faults of players at all skill levels.

At Bob Krause Golf, we take an individual approach with every unique student. Please contact us at:

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Instruction provided by:
Bob Krause, Director of Instruction
Tom Pomante, PGA Teaching Professional