Bob Krause: get in the slot


Bob Krause reached out to his Facebook friends to see what questions they have about golf, and he received many responses.

One question was how to go from an over the top golf swing to an in the slot swing.

First, let me explain what over the top means. An over the top golf swing is also known as having an outside-in swing path. This is when the right shoulder (for right handed golfers) comes forward and away from the body. In other words, when a player comes over the top, their hands and arms are moving out and away from their body during the initial stages of the downswing.

The club head naturally follows, swinging out and down across the target line, toward the left hip pocket, through impact. This produces a weak, glancing blow and leads to a slice and a big drop in distance. This is a common issue for about 90% of golfers.

Here are a few tips to help you fix this problem and move in the right direction of having a better golf swing.

1. Keep your right elbow low at the top of the swing (lower than your right shoulder).

2. Make sure palm of your right hand at the top of the arch is facing the sky, which allows the club to drop into the correct path.

3. When swinging, the longer the club head stays behind your back, the further and straighter the ball will go.

When it comes to swinging the golf club, changing the swing from over the top to in the slot creates more power, accuracy, and distance.

This swing requires less effort and produces better results!

Click here to see a video about the In the Slot Swing

Written by Breanna Doan, Central Michigan University Intern for 4-Seasons Golf and Bob Krause Golf