‘Chasing the Champions Tour’ Update: The training program


As I’ve been going through this journey of chasing my lifelong dream to play golf at its highest level, I’m quickly realizing when I was pursuing this dream in my 20s, I really didn’t know what it took and really had no guidance!


This time around by the grace of God I have a legitimate shot to make it to the SHOW. Three months in and I’m down 35 pounds and eating way cleaner with a clear understanding of what to put in my body for fuel, along with a work ethic that I personally have never tapped in to or never believed I could do! It’s a lot of pain, suffering and time, but most of all it’s FUN! I’m going outside of my comfort zone on a daily basis and let me tell you it’s scary and amazing at the same time!

I get asked all the time about my workout routine, so I’ll do my best to explain it. I work out at 2SP Performance 4 to 5 times weekly, with each session lasting almost two hours per time. If it’s any less I feel sluggish. After warming up on the bike and completing my stretching routine, I head to do some SUPER SPEED training, which usually last 30 minutes or so. Super Speed is a program developed to increase club head speed for golfers. Rest assured it has already increased mine by over 15 MPH. I guess that’s one reason over 100 PGA Tour players use the same training program.

After the Super Speed training, we get into the golf specific training side of the workouts, using resistant training, planks, mobility, sleds, wall balls just to name a few! Everything is designed around the strengths and weaknesses in my golf swing! It feels like cross fit without the risk of hurting your body so you can still focus on your sport!


My journey continues and I will keep you posted!

Until next time!

Bob Krause