Meet Vote 4 the Best Pets ‘Rescue’ Winner

Canine Companions Rescue Center wins new category

Best rescue: Canine companions rescue center

Our Kim DeGiulio takes you to meet Elk, a big goofball foster pup who’s looking for his forever home. He’s a 3-year-old mixed large breed who loves everyone but isn’t a fan of other dogs.

You’ll also met Elk’s foster dad and a wonderful volunteer from Canine Companions Rescue Center, Megan Meyer, who has been a volunteer with the non-profit since adopting her first dog from them in 2019.

Check out out their story in the video above.

“I have two CCRC adopted dogs now, and one is a foster fail,” said Megan jokingly. “Thank you to everyone who voted and spread the word about voting to engage others. It is such an honor to win Best Rescue in Metro Detroit as a majority of our dogs come from Metro Detroit shelters.”

Canine Companions Rescue Center

Founded in 2004 by Connie and Carl Fleck, and Wendy Kopera, the rescue is now run by the Operations Manager Erica McCarthy.

Their organization depends largely on volunteers like Megan. They care for all breeds, sizes, ages, and of course the ones needing a little TLC too.

What Makes it Worth it?

“The best part is seeing every dog find their forever home, no matter how long it takes or what obstacles we must overcome to get there,” says Megan. “The happiness and excitement between an adopter and a dog who has waited for this special day is worth it all.”

That is not to say there are not some struggles faced in this volunteer work. She says the hardest part is not being able to save every dog.

How You Can Help

CCRC is always in need of more foster homes, with the greatest need being homes that can take a large breed dog. The majority of dogs in shelters are over 40 pounds.

Where to Start

CCRC provides everything needed to successfully foster these lovable canines. You can get started by filling out a volunteer application on their website

Watch Kim DeGiulio’s Vote 4 the Best Feature Story on the Canine Companions Rescue Center in the video at the top of the story.

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