Here’s what you need to know about upcoming changes to Ann Arbor’s free Sunday parking

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Parking in city-owned structures and lots is free on Sundays in Ann Arbor but on June 2, visitors will have to change how they enter into those spaces.

Instead of simply being able to pull into lots and parking structures like they currently can, drivers will be stopped by lowered security gates and need to pull a ticket from the nearby machine.

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Parking in these structures will remain free, said officials from the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority.

To leave the structures, drivers will need to insert their tickets into the exit machine to raise the exiting security gate--the same procedure that is done during paid hours.

“This change is being made to align the system with best practices in parking.  An operation where gates stay down provides internal and revenue controls, as well as operational efficiencies related to space counts and permit parkers,” says an update on the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority website.

Those who lose their tickets while shopping or dining downtown just need to use the machine’s call button to talk with staff.

Officials said lost ticket charges will be waived during the first four months after the change but will begin in October. Lost ticket fees will cost the same as 24 hours of parking. Rates change depending on the lot or structure.

Find details about parking rates in Ann Arbor here.

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