Madeline Allen

Creative Services Associate Producer

Creative Services Associate Producer. To her, the people she works with are the best part of working at WDIV Local 4.

After graduating from the University of Michigan - Dearborn (and finishing up her Local 4 internship!), Madeline decided to travel, so she taught English in South Korea for a year.

Madeline loves languages and learning about global cultures. She's somewhat competent in Korean, Spanish, and Japanese (which she is self-studying some more currently). She hopes to find more good timing and chances to travel the world. If she could survive as a vegetarian in South Korea, she's confident she can do so anywhere -- and that's the only hurdle she was concerned about! Except... her cat.

Her practically tiger-sized cat named Henry may look like a jungle cat, but his squeaky voice, big eyes, and gentle personality betray that he's actually just a big 'ol baby that likes to be tucked in and snuggled. Madeline's family often teasingly calls Henry her son, and she doesn't exactly have room to argue it when he always comes first in her eyes.