Jason Colthorp: Why the ‘new’ Detroit Lions jerseys are a huge miss

Why go backward when the team is going forward?

The new Detroit Lions uniforms. (Detroit Lions)

DETROIT – Funny story. I was out doing a story on the new Lions jerseys Thursday and one guy said they may have been leaked online. I Googled it and a few things popped up. Turns out, what he and others thought were the new jerseys were not.

But, oddly enough, some of the images that appeared turned out to be the ones that the Lions confirmed Thursday. At the time, though, I immediately dismissed them, thinking, “They’d NEVER go back to these.”

Oh, how wrong I was.

The current uniforms are simply the best I’ve seen in my lifetime from my hometown team. For as long as I can remember, I’ve looked at teams with cool uniforms -- the Cowboys, Chargers, Dolphins, Raiders -- and thought, how hard is it to take a perfect color scheme and potentially an excellent logo and put it all together?

And while they’re not perfect, to me, the current jerseys always popped. The modern look of the name and number and fonts shot them up to being some of the best in the league, in my opinion.

Maybe it’s because I associate the old uniforms with the old Lions, and the new uniforms with all the new success. But I just can’t believe how many commenters on social media love these “new” jerseys. They went from sleek to stodgy with those big block numbers.

Are you telling me you can’t see the name LONG where it should read GOFF?

This was such a simple update. If you combined the two -- you’d have something everybody can love.

My thoughts?

  • Keep the color change to true Honolulu Blue.
  • Make the current letters and numbers white and keep the gray outline.
  • Keep the new sleeve stripes.

For the reasons stated above, I never even owned a Lions jersey until last year when I got a #58 Penei Sewell jersey. I treat better than my kids. And now, they’ve gone and made it obsolete.

I said it all week: Just don’t screw it up. And they did.

Better make that new helmet pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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