Dearborn steps up lawn, property maintenance enforcement: What to know

Increased enforcement part of ‘spring sweep week’

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DEARBORN, Mich. – Residents and business owners in Dearborn will be placed under scrutiny this month as the city steps up enforcement of property maintenance.

Dearborn is taking the next two weeks to focus on property maintenance requirements for those living or operating within the city. From May 20 to May 31, inspectors will be going around the city with a specific focus on tall grass and overgrowth; trash; property upkeep; unauthorized storage or items on lawns and curbs; and business signage, officials said.

Inspectors will also be taking a look at the upkeep of alleyways and whether they’re filled with trash and litter, overgrowth of plants, and more.

Residents and business owners may receive a citation for “egregious violations.” Officials say, however, that the main focus of the project -- known as “spring sweep week” -- is not to provide tickets, but rather to educate people about property ordinances and their importance.

Some of the city’s main concerns are related to beautification, public health, and other nuisances. “Overgrowth, for example, creates habitats for rodents, which may also attract predators,” the city said last week.

Rodents, like rats, have been a problem for Dearborn and surrounding areas, including in Dearborn Heights.

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Property maintenance concerns and complaints are commonly brought to the city, officials said, and this is an opportunity to address them. City inspectors will reportedly work to help property and business owners to understand what’s required of them and to provide guidance on resolving violations over the next few weeks.

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