Hole-by-hole U.S. Senior open at Indianwood

Hole conditions, course setup for the U.S. Senior Open


LAKE ORION, Mich.The following are details on the course setup for Round Three of the 2012 U.S. Senior Open at Indianwood Golf and Country Club, from Managing Director of Rules and Amateur Status Jeff Hall.

Weather Forecast for Saturday (provided by Greg Quinn with Thor Guard Weather) –

The first half of the day should be quiet with just an increase in mid-high level clouds through mid-late morning. With a south to southeast wind there will be lake-breeze boundaries setting up and this was the focus for a few showers and thunderstorms yesterday between 1-2:30 p.m. If we can get by this timeframe, our next best chance will be toward evening, likely after 5 p.m. as a weak trough of low pressure approaches from the south and a front creeps in from the west.

High today will be in the mid to upper 80s with the cloud cover helping take a couple of degrees off yesterday's high of 89. Winds will be from the south then turn from the southeast before returning more from the south-southwest by evening.

Rough - All rough grass inside the ropes at 3" and 1.75" was cut this morning. Additionally, we cut a 6-foot wide area of primary rough at a height of 4" on holes 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15 and 17.

Green Speeds – The green speed is approximately 12'4" on the Stimpmeter. We achieved this speed with a single cut and roll this morning. All greens were single cut Friday evening.

Water Management – Hand watering was done last evening and this morning to address a few "hot spots" and provide adequate moisture levels to ensure turf health without significantly impacting firmness. Overall firmness continues to improve and we are working to maintain current firmness.

Total Course Yardage for Saturday (tee marker settings to flagstick) – 3,265 yards out; 3,479 yards in = 6,744 total yards

Hole-by-Hole Information:

Hole 1 – 499 – Front-right hole location; can't miss this green to the right

Hole 2 – 392 – A front-hole location that is at the base of a knob that dominates the center back of this green

Hole 3 – 127 – Using the right-hand tee today; the hole location is on a shelf in the front of the green

Hole 4 – 418 – Front-right hole location that will be difficult to access. We are using a 10-foot flagstick on this hole due to its "punch bowl" nature

Hole 5 – 210 – Back-right hole location with the back tee

Hole 6 – 459 – Extreme, back-center hole location

Hole 7 – 412 – Middle-right hole location; can't miss this green to the right

Hole 8 – 401 – Front-right hole location; players will need to exercise caution if they are putting from past this hole location

Hole 9 – 347 – Tee markers are up 15 yards from the tee sign. Today's hole location is on a left-center shelf and slightly back of middle; today's wind will be helping and we've already heard several officials indicate that some players are hitting driver to try and get the ball down near the green

Hole 10 – 351 – Hole is located on the front right; putting from behind this hole location will require great skill

Hole 11 – 382 – Front-left hole location; difficult to get close

Hole 12 – 491 – Hole is slightly back of middle and up against the right side of the green; a miss into the right greenside bunker will prove extremely difficult.

Hole 13 – 204 – Front-left hole location that is influenced by shoulder on left side.

Hole 14 – 431 – Fairly accessible back-left hole location. Shot can be played past the hole and the slope will feed it back to the hole location.

Hole 15 – 537 – Front-right hole location; downwind so should be a great birdie opportunity

Hole 16 – 458 – Tee shot will play down wind today; back-left hole location

Hole 17 – 182 – Front-left hole location; tee is on golfer's right; expect many putts will be played from the ball back up to the left hole location – very slow putt

Hole 18 – 443 – Extreme front-hole location; front-left fringe is a good leave; might have some rulings with the sprinkler head in the left fringe being on the line of play.