Feel the Bern: A message for longtime Detroit sports radio host Michael Stone

‘Stoney’ hosted final morning show last week

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DETROIT – This is a very difficult moment for sports talk lovers in Metro Detroit.

Michael Stone, better known as Stoney, did his final morning show Friday. Not the final one ever, but the final one that belongs to him. He will no longer be the co-host, and that’s sad for sports fans in this area.

Stoney drove to Detroit with me in March 1986 to become my producer when I took the job at WDIV TV. The truth is, Stoney didn’t want to be a producer. He wanted to be on air.

Nearly every day he would walk in and tell me, “Hey Bern, if you don’t feel like doing the show today, I’ve got a tie and jacket in the car.”

That was Stoney! He stuck out like a sore thumb in broadcasting. That’s because he was kind and compassionate, and that certainly wasn’t the broadcasting industry. But here we are in 2024, and Stoney is still going strong -- very strong!

No one knew how things would turn out for Stoney, but he did quite well. He has a wonderful family with two beautiful daughters. And he did what he wanted to do for a living: He talked about his passion -- sports!

So dreams can come true, and Stoney made his dream happen. He’s still damn good on the air and should be full-time somewhere. If there’s a station that needs a solid sports guy who people in this area love, Stoney is your man!

I’m not his agent, but I am his friend. And there’s not a better person to have in the role of friend than Michael Stone!

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