Feel the Bern: Detroit’s NFL Draft nears

A new rendering for the 2024 NFL draft stage design and the layout of Detroit’s appearance during the festivities have been revealed. (NFL)

DETROIT – We are now one week away from the NFL Draft, which is a big event during a normal year.

But this year, it’s even bigger because the event is being held in downtown Detroit. The NFL has done a masterful job of turning this event into a must-see TV one and also must attend.

The league is expecting roughly 400,000 to 500,000 fans to pack downtown Detroit at Campus Martius on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Remember, Round One is Thursday, then Friday is Rounds Two and Three.

On Saturday, they finish up with Rounds 4 through 7. If you’re a draft freak, you have hit the lottery.

This is going to put the city of Detroit front and center for the nation and the world. As you know, Detroit has hosted lots of big events, including the Super Bowl. There really is no event bigger than that one. So get in the draft mood and let Brad Holmes do his thing.

You get the feeling that 500,000 people will be a nice warm-up for a potential Super Bowl parade.

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