Pamela Osborne


Pamela Osborne is thrilled to be back home at the station she grew up watching!

From an early age, Pamela knew she wanted to tell the stories of people in her community.  She started off with a pen and notepad taking notes on the little happenings in her Canton neighborhood.  After graduating from Canton High School, Pamela attended The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor where she studied Communications and African American Studies.

While at Michigan, Pamela interned in the news department at Local 4.  There was no turning back from there!  Pamela took an internship at HOM-TV in Okemos, Michigan before landing her first job in Toledo, Ohio.

From Toledo, Pamela set off to Cleveland where she covered all kinds of stories including what became known as “The Miracle in Cleveland.”  She reported extensively on the rescue of Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry; three women who had vanished for a decade or more.  It’s a story that sticks with her to this day.

After a couple of years in Cleveland, Pamela moved on to Pittsburgh for more anchor opportunities.  While she was there, she picked up a passion for yoga and became a certified yoga instructor!  Pamela made one more stop out east before returning to southeast Michigan.

For five and a half years she reported at the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia where there was no shortage of big breaking news stories to cover.  From a presidential inauguration to an Eagles Superbowl win to our changing world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pamela reported on it all as her family continued to grow.

It was family that prompted her to move back to Michigan.  After the birth of their third child, Pamela and her husband decided to make a life move to be close to family.
Pamela is looking forward to telling your stories in a place that’s near and dear to her heart.  You can catch her on Local 4 News Sundays and weeknights.