Vote 4 The Best: Top 10 pizza chains in Metro Detroit

Top 10 Pizza-Chains

The 2022 Vote 4 The Best winners voted by Local 4 viewers can be your guide to the best places in Metro Detroit!

Here’s a look at the winning list for best pizza chains in Metro Detroit, as voted by the fans.

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Top 10 pizza chains in Metro Detroit:

1. Shield’s Restaurant Bar Pizzeria

2. Jet’s Pizza

3. Buddy’s Pizza

4. Sammy’s Pizza

5. PizzaPapalis

6. Green Lantern Pizza

7. Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant

8. Benito’s Pizza

9. Cottage Inn Pizza

10. Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina

(All winners are decided by fan vote through Vote 4 The Best voting period)

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